I M 0 8

A continuation of the "I M" series.

16"x20" / Pencil, Acrylic
(metallic gold acrylic as well),
Water-Soluble wax Patel, Water-Soluble Oil,
on Rives bfk paper (mounted)

I'm in the process of creating several new works for Beyond Eden.

"A multi-gallery event celebrating the new contemporary art scene in Los Angeles"
Where I'll be showing with Thinkspace Gallery and Spoke Art Gallery.

LA Municipal Art Gallery at Barnsdall Park
4800 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90027


Unfortunately I will be showing and lecturing at NYC Comic Con during the show,
but if you're in /around the L.A. area you should definitely check Beyond Eden.

Going to be a great show!


Introducing "FORM".

I'm in process of working on a new collection of paintings for a show here in NYC on October 5th, 2013.

This body of work is an abstraction of my figure paintings.

Like my figure work, these paintings are bright and colorful but focus more on the relationships between abstract structural forms and nonrepresentational organic pattern.

More details on the upcoming show to be announced soon.

Keep your eye out for this new collection!


Coming Soon.
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